Jewelry – galerie MiniMasterpiece



“I have always had a particular admiration for the jewellery by artists, they are pure supports of seduction and sculptural creations, at the same time their relation to the body make them real subjects of design. Art deco jewelery, like those of René Lalique or Jean Després, have always been among my strongest creative references.
My jewels for galerie MiniMasterpiece are pendants that I consider as objects to wear. I wanted them to evoke antique jewellery, ornamental sets, sacred jewels.
Their design makes it possible to suspend them around the neck without the welding of a ring.
These are the Arcana of tarot, each with their symbolic attributes, that inspired these pendants.
The triangular Arcana III pendant incorporates a red jasper disc. & Arcane IV, square, includes a blue Lapis Lazuli cylinder.
Arcana XIV inserts a quartz tube into a wave of silver plated metal.”


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